Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The solution for enabling Business Intelligence.

We offer customized solution to ensure the best harmony of your business processes. Our ERP solution is an all-in-one business software that offers a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes. It includes integrated solutions for CRM, Sales Management, Billing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Inventory Management, and Project Management.

Our Expertise

  • Business Process Analysis: We learn your business processes.
  • Customization: We develop features for your unique business process.
  • Installation and Configuration: We assemble the instances and configure the databases to use the software.
ERP Implementation
  • Training: We train your team so that they know how to use ERP in the best way.
  • Help to Grow: We enable you to select the proper solution for your business.
  • Support and Maintenance: We help you on a daily basis and keep your ERP solution updated.

Core Modules


  • Multi Phased Pipeline
  • Sales Team Management
  • Customer Centric Sales Funnel
  • Organized Opportunity Management
  • Marketing Campaigns and Collaborative Agenda


  • Customer Management Panel
  • Smart Quotation and Sales Order Management
  • Customer wise Pricelists
  • Sales Promotions, Coupons, and Discounts
  • Sales Returns


  • Vendor Management
  • RFQ, Bid, and Smart Purchase Order Management
  • Vendor wise Pricelists and Rating
  • Automated Procurement Propositions
  • Purchase Returns

Warehouse and Inventory:

  • Multiple Warehouse and Stock Location
  • Wave & Batch Picking, Dropshipping
  • Advanced Removal Strategy (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO)
  • Stock Control, Traceability, and Valuation
  • Every Step Automated Transaction


  • Super User Friendliness!
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) Management
  • Manufacturing Order (MO), Work Order (WO)
  • Inventory and Manufacturing Analytics

HR and Payroll:

  • Employee Management and Portal
  • Timesheet, Attendance, Leave Management
  • Employee Appraisals and Analytics
  • Salary Sheet, Salary Category and Structure
  • Fully Automated and Integrated with Accounting

Accounts and Financial Management:

  • Fully Automated and Integrated
  • Invoicing, Bank and Cash, A/R, A/P
  • Chart of Accounts, Journal Entries
  • Financial Reports and Analytics
  • Asset Management, Budgeting

Project Management:

  • Collaborative and Smart Synchronization
  • Project Creation and Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Easy Task Management
  • Issue Tracking and Contracts

Business Intelligence:

  • Customizable User Dashboard
  • Basic Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Multiple Report Template and Presentation

Other Features:

  • Fleet Management
  • Employee Lunch/Food Management
  • Employee Discussion Board
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Date/Time Format

Security and Access Control:

  • Multi-Layered, Highly Secured Platform
  • User Friendliness with Security!
  • Advanced Control Panel for User Access
  • Advanced Security Parameters
  • Customizable Security Rules

System Performance:

  • Python and PostgreSQL, great combination!
  • Scalable, Web Based Solution
  • Designed for Real Time Decision Making!
  • Feasible and Made for Your Business!
  • Highly Optimized Performance